Specialist Advice

We have a suite of specialist services and established relationships with a group of highly qualified partners that allow us to provide services outside of the normal accounting sphere.

These include:

Singapore/International Accounting - we have a Singaporean-based accounting partner that allows us to broaden your international footprint to be able to trade with Asia and Europe.

Financial Services - we provide auditing services to Australian Financial Service Licence holders. Our long history of working with the AFSL sector means we understand the ‘ins and outs’ of being an AFSL holder.

Business Recovery and Insolvency - our partners in this sector allow us to work closely with our clients at times when their businesses are in need of a restructure that may be due to unforeseen circumstances.

Corporate Structures - we have extensive experience in providing structural advice to new and existing business owners. Even if a business is well into its trading life or business growth life cycle we can offer advice on changing the existing structure to allow, for example new shareholders to buy into the existing structure.

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Specialist Advice
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